HOOK: 1X heavy, standard shank, turned-up eye; e.g. TMC 7999 or equivalent. Sizes 2-4

THREAD: Dark brown. Pick a thread suitable for spinning deer hair.

TAIL: Gold Krystal Flash with orange bucktail

TAG: Gold tinsel

BUTT: Fluorescent orange yarn or chenille

BODY (REAR): Deer hair, spun and clipped

WINGCASE: Brown 2mm foam. Tie on in front of rear body section. When legs, front body, and wing are completed, pull the wingcase over the top and tie off with part of the foam extened over the head and hook eye.

LEGS: Orange round rubber legs, three per side

BODY (FRONT): Deer hair, spun and clipped

WING: Deer hair, tied in and splayed

HACKLE: Orange guinea fowl



"Ska" as in "Skater" and "Opper" as in "Hopper."

This Scott Howell pattern has become a favorite among steelhead anglers wanting a good skating pattern. The fly slides across the surface, creating a fish-attracting fuss . . . or so you hope.


How to Fish

Use skating tactics.


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