Beadhead Lifter


HOOK: 2X heavy, 2X short shank, turned-down eye; e.g. TMC 2457 or equivalent. Sizes 6-14

THREAD: Chartreuse

BEADHEAD: Copper bead

TAG: Chartreuse chenille

BODY: Pink cactus chenille

COLLAR: White sparkle yarn swept back over body. Keep it sparse and whispy.



Winter steelhead often take drifting salmon eggs, as every bait angler knows. The pink body and whispy white imitates salmon roe with milt; the green butt imitates . . . well, flies with green butts catch fish, so who cares what it imitates.

If it bothers you to tie on a fly that imitates something that bait anglers use, get over it. In the view of some purists you already crossed over to the dark wide when you decided to nymph for steelhead instead of swinging flies. The reality is that it takes at least as much skill to nymph for steelhead as it does to swing a fly, and you are imitating something organic and natural that winter steelhead often ingest. And your hands won't stink of fish roe at the end of the day.


How to Fish

Use steelhead indicator tactics.


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