Starleg Leech



HOOK: 1X heavy, standard shank, turned-up eye; e.g. TMC 7999 or equivalent. Sizes 2-8

THREAD: To match body

EYES: Large barbell eyes

TAIL: Rabbit strip to match body color

BODY: Estaz in your color choice

COLLAR: Schlappen to match body color

RUBBER LEGS: Two rubber legs on each side. Use black legs with dark flies, or white legs with bright flies.



Take the venerable Egg Sucking Leech and use sparkly cactus chenille for the body, and you get a Starlight Leech. Take a Starlight Leech and add some rubber legs, and you get a Star Leg Leech. It's a good winter steelhead "dredge the bottom" kind of fly.



Change the head color and/or body/tail color to suit. Good head colors: red, chartreuse, orange, pink. Good body/tail colors: black, blue, pink, purple.


How to Fish

Traditional wet-fly swing.


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