Marabou Tube Fly



HOOK: The fly is tied tube-style.


BODY: Flat braid

REAR HACKLE: Orange marabou

MID HACKLE: Red marabou

FRONT HACKLE: Orange guinea fowl

FLASH: Pearl Flashabou



This simple fly allows you to easily combine colors that have proven effective on winter steelhead.

Marabou feathers are good for winter steelheading because the marabou waves around and creates a tantalizing presence in the water. Also, winter steelhead are usually found in slower water than their summer cousins, which helps the marabou be effective. In faster currents, however, the soft marabou collapses around the tube and the fly becomes less productive.

This pattern is similar to the traditional Marabou but it has been adapted to a tube-style fly. Tube flies are useful because they put the hook a little farther back, which helps to overcome short strikes. Also, if the hook hangs up on a rock, you can usually recover the fly; tie on a new hook, and you're good to go.


Colors can be combined in many ways and in different orders.

How to Fish

Present with a traditional wet-fly swing.


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