Winters Hope

Created by Bill McMillan


This classic fly was created by Bill McMillan, the Northwest's premiere greased line steelheader. It includes colors that Bill felt were most attractive to winter steelhead. When tying the fly, choose hackles that are soft and will move in the water. Keep them long.

How to Fish

Traditional wet-fly swing. If the water is cool (under 52 degrees), you may need to throw in mends and slack line to get it closer to the bottom; once it is well-sunk, let it swing across in the current.

HOOK: Partridge M, sizes 6/0-2/0

THREAD: Maroon

BODY: Flat silver tinsel

HACKLE: Silver doctor blue hackle.


WING: Two yellow hackle tips plus two orange hackle tips

TOPPING: Gold-olive calftail. Keep it sparse