Steelhead Muddler



HOOK: 1X heavy, standard shank, turned-up eye; e.g. TMC 7999 or equivalent. Sizes 2-12


TAIL: Turkey quill (traditional) or Krystal Flash

BODY: Flat Gold Tinsel or diamond braid

WING: Turkey quill over brown calftail

HEAD: Spun deer hair. Clip front end and leave butt ends pointing backwards.



This is a useful summer steelhead pattern, especially on days when the fish seem to prefer a drab-colored fly. It is the traditional and highly-effective Muddler beefed up to handle steelhead.



Purple, orange, or black deer hair may also be used to good effect in standard ties. Muddlers can be tied in other variations in pattern and color, but the basic concept of a simple body and a spun-and-clipped deer head---with the back hairs unclipped and swept to the rear--remains a constant.


How to Fish

Traditional wet-fly swing.


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