Silvey Prawn

Created by Brian Silvey


In the ocean, steelhead salmon feed on prawns and shrimp, and when they return to freshwater both species are often caught on natural prawns used as bait. But do they take this fly because it has a visual but odorless resemblence to a prawn? The fish won't tell.


Many variations of red, orange, black and purple color combinations.

How to Fish

This is a winter steelhead pattern. It should be presented with a wet-fly swing near the bottom; use a sink-tip fly line.

HOOK: Teimco 9394, size 2

THREAD: Fluorescent orange

EYES: Large black bead chain

TAIL: Orange Super Hair, split, with some Krystal Flash

BODY: White rabbit strip, palmered.

BODY HACKLE: Golden pheasant tips

COLLAR HACKLE: Orange-dyed pheasant crest