Uncased Caddis

Created by John Barr


Many caddis species build cases, but two--green caddis (aka green rock worm) and spotted caddis (aka net-spinning caddis) are free-living and don't build a case. They often drift in the current and are taken by trout. Fortunately for fly tyers, both of these caddis are green in their larval form and are about the same size. So this pattern does double duty in imitating them.



A cream or tan or brown abdomen can be used, but mostly the trout see green ones.


How to Fish

Use the trout indicator, tight line, or shallow nymph presentations.


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HOOK: 2X heavy, 2X short curved shank, turned-down eye; e.g. TMC 2457 or equivalent. Sizes 12-14

BEAD HEAD: Black tungsten


TAIL: Cream antron

RIB: Monofilament

BACK: Mottled green Fino Skin pulled over abdomen and thorax after they are dubbed

ABDOMEN: Olive synthetic

THORAX/LEGS: Black ostrich herl