Morrish Sculpin

Created by Ken Morrish


Sculpins are very common in rivers. They spend most of their time hanging around in areas with fist-sized and smaller rocks, burrowed into the spaces between the rocks. From this position, they are safe from predatory trout. However, they gotta come out sometimes, and are often taken by large trout because they make a big meal.

This realistic pattern from fly-tying guru Ken Morrish is very effective.



Sculpins come in many colors, with dark brown and dark olive being the most common.


How to Fish

You can fish this fly in many ways, including: count-down-and-retrieve, slow retrieve, wind drift, wet-fly swing, deep swing. However, remember that sculpins are usually found near the bottom in pebbly areas where a sink-tip line can be an advantage.


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HOOK: 2X heavy, 3X long, turned-down eye; e.g. TMC 5263 or equivalent. Sizes 2-4

THREAD: To match body

EYES: Dumpbell eyes, painted

TAIL: Pearl Flashabou

UNDERBODY: Wrap pearl Flashabou on shank, then tie on light brown rabbit strip, Zonker-style

OVERDODY: Dark olive rabbit strip

CHEEKS: Olive-dyed pheasant rump

HEAD: Dubbed dark olive rabbit