Deep Sparkle Pupa, Tan

Created by Gary LaFontaine


HOOK: 2X heavy, 2X short curved shank, turned-down eye; e.g., TMC 2457 or equivalent. Sizes 12-18


HEAD: Bead head

SHROUD: Tan Antron yarn

ABDOMEN: Tan Antron

WING: Woodduck mallard

HEAD: Brown Superfine


Prior to hatching into adults, caddis pupa drift near near the river bottom; their pupal cases fill with gas that will buoy them to the surface. This pattern imitates those drifting pupae.

Once the hatch is underway, the two best places to present a fly are on the bottom and just subsurface. This fly is designed for the former use, while its counterpart, the Sparkle Pupa is designed for the latter.


Other caddis pupae can be imitated by using hook sizes and body colors that match the natural insect; see the caddis pages for details. However, caddis rarely need to be matched as closely as, say, mayflies. For most situations, you only need these colors and sizes (many anglers get by just fine with a green body/tan shroud):

  • Size 12-18, green body, tan shroud
  • Size 12-18, brown body, yellow shroud
  • Size 12-18, tan body, tan shroud

How to Fish

Present the fly near the bottom using the trout indicator or tight line presentations.


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