Hackle Stacker

Created by Bob Quigley



HOOK: 1X fine wire, standard shank, turned-down eye; e.g., TMC 100 or equivalent. Sizes 12-20

THREAD: To match abdomen

TAIL: Brown or gray hackle fibers

ABDOMEN: Synthetic dubbing to match natural insect

HACKLE: Gray or brown CDC. The hackle is wrapped around a post made from looped thread. After dubbing the thorax, the looped thread is pulled forward to the head and tied off. (You need to see someone do this first)

THORAX: To match abdomen

HEAD: Thread



This versatile pattern can be adapted to match most emerging mayflies. I prefer the Film Critic, but this is easier to tie once you master the hackle.



Mayflies can be imitated by using hook sizes and body colors that match the natural insect.


How to Fish

Dress the fly with floatant and use standard dry fly presentations.



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