Created by Craig Mathews and John Juracek



HOOK: 1X fine wire, standard shank, turned-down eye; e.g., TMC 100 or equivalent. Sizes 14-18

THREAD: To match body

SHUCK: Amber Z-lon

BODY: Antron or similar dubbing to match natural insect

WING: Natural deer or elk hair



The X-Caddis represents a crippled caddis, an adult that has not succesfully emerged from the pupal case. Since caddis normally emerge quickly and do not linger on the surface like mayflies, the only adults readily available to trout during the hatch are pupae and cripples. Trout know the cripples aren't going anywhere, so they focus on them. Cripple patterns such as this are effective on clear, slow water where trout can become exceptionally selective.



Other caddis can be imitated by using hook sizes and body colors that match the natural insect; see the caddis pages for details. However, caddis rarely need to be matched as closely as, say, mayflies. For most situations, you only need these colors and sizes:

  • Size 12-18, tan body
  • Size 12-18, olive body
  • Size 16-18, black body, black or dark wing


How to Fish

Dress the fly with floatant and use standard dry fly presentations.



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