Chubby Norman


This dressing imitates a golden stonefly. It is a Chubby Chernobyl with a different wing color.

Chubbies look stupid from above, but from below--the fish's point of view--they look pretty good. They also float well because of the foam. Being bulky, however, they can be a pain to cast accurately, especially if there is a wind.



Use orange dubbing and thread to match salmonflies.


How to Fish

With the foam, you shouldn't need floatant. Use standard dry fly presentations. The best places are just downstream of downwind from overhanging trees or other vegetation, near rocks, and along current seams.



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HOOK: 1X fine wire, 2X long shank, turned-down eye; e.g., TMC 5212 or equivalent. Sizes 6-10

THREAD: To match foam

TAIL: Pearl Krystal Flash

DUBBED BODY: Yellow fur, antron, or synthetic

FOAM TOP: 2mm tan craft foam trimmed to shape

WINGS: Two wings, each with "Norm Woods" color poly yarn (ask the guys at the shop; they'll know)

LEGS: Sili legs or equivalent. Tie in with wings