Purple Haze

Created by Andy Carlson



HOOK: 1X Fine wire, Standard shank, Turned-Down eye; e.g., TMC 100 or equivalent; sizes 10-20

THREAD: Purple

TAIL: Elk hair

WING POST: White calf tail

BODY: Purple thread or purple synthetic dubbing (keep it thin)

HACKLE: Brown and grizzly, tied around wing post like a Parachute Adams.



Like a Parachute Adams, this is a generic dry fly that looks like everything in general and nothing in particular, despite the purple body. If it bothers your rebel nature to carry a box of conventional Parachute Adams, stock your box with a bunch of these guys in sizes 12-20. You won't regret it.


How to Fish

Dress the fly with floatant and use standard dry fly presentations.



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