Two Tone CDC Ant


Imitates ants. Ants are very common on both rivers and lakes, especially in the midsummer months. Small streams are a particularly good venue for casting ant patterns. This is a good pattern because of the realistic imprint it leaves on the surface, and the visibility afforded by the white CDC wing.

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How to Fish

As with all CDC patterns, make sure you carry a powder desicant floatant that will not hamper the floatability of the CDC. On small streams, this can save you from having to put on a new fly every five minutes.

Use standard dry fly presentations.

Tying Instructions

1. Tie in thread

2. Make a ball of dubbing for the abdomen. Abdomen should be about 40% of the hook shank length

3. Tie in hackle, make two wraps. Tie off and trim excess.

4. Tie in white CDC feather, then two more gray CDC feathers over it. These all pointed forward over the eye of the hook. The order is important: the white CDC is on top and visible

5. Dub a smaller thorax, about 25% of hook shank length. Finish with thread behind the thorax.

6. Bring the three CDC feathers (with the white CDC on top) over the top of the thorax. Tie down with three tight wraps of thread.

7. Whip finish behind thorax. DO NOT cement, lest you damage the CDC feathers.

8. Trim hackle underneath fly (optional)

HOOK: Dai Riki 300, size 10-12

ABDOMEN: Black Haretron

HACKLE: Black, tied sparse

THORAX: Black Haretron

WING: Two dun CDC feathers, one white CDC feather. Tie down over thorax.