Shuttlecock Midge


Imitates and emerging midge. In many lakes of the Northwest, large midges up to size 10 hatch in the early spring. This fly imitates them well. See the article Shuttlecock Midges for more information.

How to Fish

Use standard dry fly presentations.

Do NOT dress the fly with floatant! CDC flies should be fished au natural. When a fly no longer floats well, put it in a small container of powdered descicant, such as Dry Shake, and shake it up. This removes the moisture, and you're ready to cast again.

Tying Instructions

1. Debarb hook, put in vise, and start thread.

2. Tie in red Flashabou or Body Stretch. Make 3-4 wraps, then tie off and trim.

3. Tie in pearl Krystalflash.

4. Dub body.

5. Rib with Krystalflash. Tie off and trim.

6. Tie in 4-5 CDC feather with tips pointed back over the body.

7. Dub the thorax.

8. Pull over CDC feather tips and tie down. Tips should extend 75-100% of the length of the fly body.

9. Whip finish and trim.

HOOK: Tiemco 100, size 12-16

THREAD: To match body

BUTT: Red Flashabou or Body Stretch

BODY: Sparkle Dubbing or Superfloss to match natural

RIBBING: Pearl Krystalflash

THORAX: Sparkle dubbing

WING: 4-6 CDC feather tips