Flashy Gnat

Created by Jeff Morgan


Imitates an adult midge and is useful during midge hatches. While trout feed primarily on pupa during a midge hatch, they can receptive to a well-presented adult. For more about this fly, see the article Midges Redux.

How to Fish

Use standard dry fly or chuck-and-sit presentations. Because this pattern contains CdC, do NOT dress it with floatant; when it no longer floats, treat it with fly drying powder.

Tying Instructions

1. Debarb hook, place in vise, start thread at head of body.

2. Bring thread to the rear of hook.

3. Tie in grizzly hackle first, then holographic Flashabou.

4. Wrap thread to midpoint of hook.

5. Wrap Flashabou to midpoint of hook. Tie off and trim.

6. Tie in Peacock, build thorax. Tie off and trim.

7. Wrap palmered grizzly hackle to near head. Tie down and trim.

8. Tie in CdC hackle, tip first. Make two wraps. Tie back and trim.

9. Build small head, whip finish, and trim CdC hackle as needed.

Hook: Dai Riki 310, size 14-22; or equivalent

Thread: Black

Palmer hackle: Palmered grizzly

Butt: Holographic Flashabou

Thorax: Peacock herl or peacock Ice Dub

Hackle: Dun or white CdC