Coleoptera Colossus

Created by Jeff Morgan


Imitates a terrestrial beetle. Trout take beetles more often than they take grasshoppers, yet few anglers carry imitations. Large sizes are rarely tied by fly anglers, and shops never carry them. So this is an effective pattern that few trout have seen.

How to Fish

Dress the fly with floatant and use standard dry fly presentations.

Tying Instructions

1.Start thread and tie in black foam. Super-glue in place.

2. Tie in black ostrich and black Flashabou.

3. Wrap ostrich about 70% of the way up the hook shank. Tie off and trim.

3. Wrap Flashabou over ostrich. Tie off and trim.

5. Pull over black foam and tie down. Do not triml.

6. Tie in knotted black legs.

7. Pull remaining black foam over top of legs and tie down. Trim with a short stub for the head.

8. Paint back of the fly if you wish.

HOOK: Dai Riki 270, size 6-12


BODY: Black Flashabou over black dubbing

RIBBING: Black ostrich herl

BACK: Black foam, painted with glossy black paint

THORAX: Black foam. Optional: paint foam yellow

LEGS: Black knotted rubber

HEAD: Black foam. Optional: painted black