CDC Everything

Created by Jeff Morgan


Imitates almost anything small: midges, small black stoneflies, black caddis, microcaddis, etc. For more about this fly, see the article Tiny Flies.


Vary thread and wing color to match natural insects.

How to Fish

Do NOT dress the fly with floatant! When a fly no longer floats well, put it in a small container of powdered descicant, such as Dry Shake, and shake it up. This removes the moisture, and you're ready to cast again.

Use standard dry fly presentations.

Tying Instructions

1. Debarb hook, place in vice, start thread.

2. Tie in Krystalflash ribbing.

3. Wrap thread body.

4. Wrap Krystalflash ribbing

5. Tie in CDC wing

6. Tie in antron legs with figure-8 wraps

7. Dub sparse head.

8. Whipfinish and trim.

HOOK: Dai Riki 300, size 18-22

THREAD: Black 8/0

BODY: Thread

RIBBING: Peacock Krystalflash


LEGS: Black Antron

HEAD: Black Peacock Ice Dub, very sparse