CDC Comparadun

Created by Shane Stalcup


The CDC Comparadun is a versatile style that works well in slow water and on spring creeks. It is used to imitate mayflies .


The pattern shown here works as a blue-winged olive imitation. By varying the hook size and body color, other mayflies can be imitated. See the mayfly pages for details of different mayfly species.

How to Fish

Do NOT dress the fly with floatant! CDC flies should be fished au natural. When a fly no longer floats well, put it in a small container of powdered descicant, such as Dry Shake, and shake it up. This removes the moisture, and you're ready to cast again.

Use standard dry fly presentations.

HOOK: 1X Fine wire, Standard shank, Turned-down eye; e.g., TMC 100 or equivalent; sizes 12-20


TAIL: Betts tailing fibers, tied split

BODY: Goose biot

WING: Natural mallard flank and gray CDC feathers

THORAX: Gray Superfine dubbing