CDC Baetis

Created by Dave Hill


Use to imitate blue-winged olive (Baetis) duns when there is a hatch in progress and trout are taking duns from the surface. Because this fly has no hackle, it is particularly effective on slow water, spring creeks, and other situations where trout are acting in a persnickity manner.


Blue-winged olives come in body colors that range from olive to brown. Choose a color that matches the insects available to trout when and where you are fishing.

How to Fish

Do NOT dress the fly with floatant! CDC flies should be fished au natural. When a fly no longer floats well, put it in a small container of powdered descicant, such as Dry Shake, and shake it up. This removes the moisture, and you're ready to cast again.

Use standard dry fly presentations.

HOOK: TMC 100, sizes 16-20


TAIL: Betts' Tailing Fibers

BODY: Olive Dazl-Tron

WING: CDC, natural dun color