Bitterroot Olive Stonefly


Imitates adult Skwala stoneflies, a spring hatch that is often missed by Western fly anglers.

How to Fish

Like most other stoneflies, Swalas emerge on land, so adults are not available to trout when they hatch. But some are blown or blunder out of overhanging trees and fall on the water, and females return to the river to lay their eggs.

So use standard dry fly presentations near bankside vegetation, over riffles, and just below riffles.

HOOK: TMC 5263 or 200R, sizes 6-10


TAIL: Olive-dyed elk hair

BODY: Brown-olive dubbing

UNDERWING: Brown-dyed moose or elk

OVERWING: White calftail

HACKLE: Olive grizzly. Clip the underside so the fly rides low in the water.

HEAD: Elk or moose tied bullet-style