Ant and Termite

Common Names: Ant, termite
Scientific Name: Ants: order Hymenoptera; Termites: order Isoptera

Ants and termites are terrestrial insects. While they are different orders, it's useful to consider them together because the imitations and tactics are similar.

Many ants and termites live in trees, and some of those trees are near rivers or lakes. When the wind blows, it often blows a few of them onto the water. Trout are used to seeing them--and used to making a meal of them. On many lakes and streams, a dry fly that imitates an ant or termite is an excellent choice in the summertime, especially when the wind has been blowing.


How to Match a Ant

Hatches are matched from Westfly's database of "standard" fly patterns.

Size 10-16 Parachute Ant, Ant. Black, brown, red-brown


ADULT COLOR: Black, dark brown, red, red and black; white (termite)

OTHER CHARACTERISTICS: Some are winged, but others are not.