Terrestrial Beetle

Scientific Name: order Coleoptera

Planet earth holds an unbelievable variety of beetles. North America hosts over 30,000 species! While there are aquatic beetles , most beetles are land-dwellers. Even though they live on terra firma, sooner or later one of these guys is going to stumble onto the surface of a lake or river. And when it does, a trout will probably gobble it up.

Beetle imitations are good fish catchers in the late summer. At that time of year, beetles, grasshoppers and ants are often found drifting down a river or looking out-of-place on a lake.

Most anglers use a mid-sized beetle imitation, around size 12-16. But beetles come in all sizes, and a very small fly or a very large one can also be productive.


How to Match a Beetle

Hatches are matched from Westfly's database of "standard" fly patterns.

Size 12-16 Foam Beetle. Black
Bankwater, near lake shores: standard dry fly, chuck-and-sit


COLOR: Black, brown, green, red

OTHER CHARACTERISTICS: Stiff, shell-like wings; generally flat, oval shape in back