Little Brown Stone Nymph

Created by Polly Rosborough


Imitates small black stoneflies, a winter-hatching group of stoneflies. These stoneflies are seldom available to trout until they are ready to hatch. At hatch time, they migrate toward shore, and are often knocked loose in the current. Those that survive crawl onto above-water objects and the adult emerges in open air.

How to Fish

Present the fly on a dead drift near the bottom, not far from the river bank; use the trout indicator or tight line presentation. Alternatively, fish it just sub-surface with the shallow nymph presentation. For the latter tactic, use an adult brown stone imitation for an indicator.

HOOK: TMC 200, sizes 14-16


TAIL: Pheasant tail fibers

BODY: Seal-brown yarn, ribbed with working thread

LEGS: Pheasant tail fibers

WINGCASE: Butts of tail fibers, pulled over back and clipped. Wingcase is one third the body length.