Review: Strip Set

By Rex Baldwin

Fly fishers worldwide have awaited a thorough treatment of the hows and whys of streamer fishing. They'll find it in George Daniel's book Strip-Set, subtitled Fly Fishing Techniques Tactics & Patterns for Streamers.


This is the second book by Daniel, a former Fly Fishing Team America member. His first book, Dynamic Nymphing, was critically acclaimed by professionals and amateurs alike.

What You'll Find

The author goes in depth and detail about predators and their prey, how to “read” the water so you fish where the fish are, what an effective streamer system entails, and a great chapter about night fishing.

The chapters in Daniel’s book are:

  1. Steamer System Tools
  2. Predator and Prey
  3. Reading the Water
  4. Patterns
  5. A Dynamic Streamer System
  6. Night Fishing
  7. Presentations.

Each chapter of Strip-Set, is well developed and covers the topic in depth. Illustrations that demonstrate streamer action are by Amidea Daniel.

I was fascinated with the Presentation chapter and will find it helpful in other fly fishing methods.

As a fly tier, I was drawn to the chapter on Patterns. Daniel shares his "go-to" streamers and his small, medium, and large streamer box contents. The nighttime and mouse boxes were enlightening. He includes over 70 streamer recipes. The patterns are from renowned tiers such as Clark “Cheech” Pierce, Kelly Galloup, Rich Stolis, and Nick Granato, among others. About half of the patterns are articulated. I find that articulated streamers are difficult to tie, but after reading this book I'm encouraged to try a few.

Not everyone will agree with everything stated in Strip-Set, such as what type of fly line to use for streamer fishing. But Daniel spells out the differences in each type and when or why to use each.

The Bottom Line

Strip-Set, is a comprehensive book, and those unfamiliar with streamer fishing may be intimidated by the depth of the material. However it will be a great resource for intermediate fly fishers, and there is plenty to glean for those experienced in fishing streamers.

Warning: This is a reference book, and some of the reviews of specific brand fly lines will soon become dated. Streamer patterns will also change in the future, if only in materials and number. The other chapters are timeless.

Strip-Set, is a nice option for your Christmas list or bookshelf. It is a 10” X 14” hardback, 240 pages, 450 photos. Stackpole Books. Retail price $44.95 US. The book is available from Stackpole, in many fly shops, and on Amazon.

Scott Richmond is Westfly's creator and Executive Director. He is the author of eight books on Oregon fly fishing, including Fishing Oregon's Deschutes River (second edition).