Coming Soon! Blockbuster Fly Fishing Movies

By Scott Richmond

The fly fishing industry was deeply grateful for the movie A River Runs Through It, which created a major surge in fly fishing interest. Unfortunately that interest has faded with time, and the industry is seeking ways to attract new fly anglers.

I have thought deeply about this problem and have determined that the industry needs a new fly fishing movie. The old formula won't work, however, because our culture has changed. Movies that feature themes of family, romance, grace, and a four-count rhythm amidst beautiful natural scenery will not cut the mustard.

After surveying recent blockbuster films, I have determined that the movie-going public wants special effects, super heroes (and babes) in spandex, and explosions. Especially explosions. I have outlined below the essential plot points for some new fly fishing movies.

  1. Age of Antron. Synthetic materials spawned from antron yarn have taken over the world of fly tying and are threatening to eliminate natural materials such as wool, fur, and feathers. Steelie Man assembles a dream team of super-hero-anglers/tyers to combat the synthetic menace and bring back flies tied from duck and deer. They are opposed by the deer and the ducks.
  2. Jurassic Furled. Two brothers travel to a South American lake where their mother runs a private pay-to-play fishery. The main attraction is a genetically engineered trout called Onchorynchus Rex. The brothers have a new design of furled leader they want to test out on the giant fish, which has eaten several fly anglers.
  3. Fifty Shades of Dark Brown. A young and impressionable female fly angler interviews a tyer noted for his nymph tactics. She finds that he knows some especially good tricks with pheasant tails, and he showers her with flies in the shower. Together they explore a kinky world of stripping, whipping, and tying. Includes a scene featuring a double turle knot!
  4. Guardians of the Ford Galaxy. A group of fly anglers are forced to work together to defend a prime steelhead run--known as Car Body--from an impolite steelheader who low holes people.
  5. Rogue Tarnation. In this latest edition of the Fishin' Impossible series, a group of hillbilly gear anglers attempts to defile the Rogue River's Holy Water with bait fishing. A heroic fly angler gathers a team from his fly fishing club to combat them. His closest ally is a beautiful fly fisherwoman, but she may actually be a hillbilly bait angler in disguise! (And spandex!)
  6. Divulgent. On a fly fishing website, people are divided into distinct Boards based on their fly fishing virtues. Trish is warned she will never fit into a Board because she is Divulgent--she posts helpful information about where and how to catch fish--and none of the Boards likes a Divulgent. A special team lead by the evil Hacksaw attempts to destroy her and turn the website into a forum where political extremists can hurl insults at each other.

Scott Richmond is Westfly's creator and Executive Director. He is the author of eight books on Oregon fly fishing, including Fishing Oregon's Deschutes River (second edition).