Fishing the Film, by Gary Borger

Reviewed by Marc G. Williamson

Fishing the Film is the first of a projected twenty-volume series of books by Gary and Jason Borger. Fishing the Film is a standalone book, as will be the others in the series.


Borger defines the film, "as a feeding area rich in food on, in and immediately under the surface." He also adds, "It is a zone where a dead-drift can be used to ply a dry, an emerger, a nymph or pupa, a baitfish, leech or mouse imitation." Likewise it's a zone where these fly styles and more can be fished actively and aggressively, and a zone where all water types--flowing, still, fresh, salt--share presentation similarities.

In Fishing the Film, Borger covers the underlying and driving concepts upon which "film-fishing" styles are built. He discusses every element of fishing the film in great detail. For instance in the chapter "The Fish's Window" he explains the complexity and the many factors that impact fly design, as well as presentation. He discusses issues such as considering the fish's perspective. He also chronicles the different types of rises and what they tell the angler. In addition, casting and mending to achieve a dead drift are explored.

In the chapter "Action Film" he explores different tactics with regard to the film, and moves into the design of flies that have been the most successful for he and Jason.

The Bottom Line

This book is full of phenomenal information! It needs to be studied, not just read. It is technical--and by that I mean that it goes into great detail about how to be a successful angler in the film.

I can hardly wait for the next book in the series: Reading the Water. As with all of Borger's books, he writes from the perspective of a teacher. He treats every topic with the intent of teaching you how-to and why-to. If you want to be successful when fly fishing the film, this book is a must read!