Reviewed by Glenn Zinkus

The aptly titled DVD Rise is this year's fly fishing film from the same talented and experienced team that created Drift.

I'll cut right to the bottom-line: I enjoyed Rise even more than Drift--and I enjoyed Drift a lot.

The stories have more of that human-interest aspect that I enjoyed in this team's previous efforts. However, that aspect may not match up with everyone's taste, and some viewers may want more fish porn than this DVD shows. Don't get me wrong--big beautiful fish are shown here, but it's not a relentless hoisting of one out-sized fish after another. I find the storyline far more interesting than pure fish porn. Just like porn of another genre, it's not like the real thing, and I prefer the more cerebral approach taken here.

Take a Tour With Rise

This production is another globetrotting tour of premier fishing destinations that will leave fly anglers drooling and checking their airline miles.

You'll be taken to the Florida Keys for the springtime Palolo worm hatch that drives tarpon absolutely bonkers, to the hallowed waters of the Henrys Fork, down south to the beautiful and bountiful waters of Patagonia, to the flats of Los Roques off the Venezuelan coast, to a redfish hunt in and around New Orleans, and you'll fly around the Kalmai region of Alaska.

Anyone watching Rise will experience the astounding camera work of Director and Cinematographer Chris Patterson. Producer Jim Klug has assembled another industry leading travelogue, and the music is well chosen and compliments the on-screen action.

Rise Is It!

There are so many outstanding segments, I cannot pick a favorite location or set of characters. Some take me back to places I have been and fish that I've known, while others add a location and an experience to my bucket list. What may be lacking from this production is one of those way-out, off-the-beaten path exploratory locations that can give an adventurous edge to a DVD.

Rise is a solid, entertaining production of the highest caliber. It hits the right buttons for me. It's even available on Blu-Ray.

Glenn Zinkus is an avid angler from Oregon. When not engaged in piscatorial pursuits, he may be finding birds behind his Brittanies; or attending to business that often has him traveling. While traveling he lives vicariously through the Westfly contributors.