Once in a Blue Moon

Reviewed by Glenn Zinkus


I don't intend to be so simple for such a powerful and expressive production, but the jaw-dropping aerial footage of the New Zealand mountain wilderness, the underwater shots, and those smooth tight loops of a full fly line unfurling as it targets mouse-hungry trout leave me awestruck, dumbstruck, and moonstruck.

What's this about 'Once in a Blue Moon'?

Once in a Blue Moon is a DVD featuring fly fishing for trout with mouse patterns. A mass flowering of the ancient New Zealand Beech forest leads to an excess of seed production (also known as a mast year or period). Mice and rodents take advantage of this abundance, and numbers reach plague proportions.

This population explosion in certain forested areas of New Zealand provide bigger meals to what are already some of the biggest river-dwelling trout on the planet.

Flying Over New Zealand's Wilderness

The aerial footage flies viewers over the spectacular New Zealand wilderness; all that's missing is the seat belt and headset. Include an interview piece by NZ scientist and fish dude Rasmus Gabrielsson, the fish stalking and catching scenes, landscapes, and you have a memorable fly fishing video.

This video is not in a style that is typical of today's fly fishing films. Just as AEG redefined fly fishing videos several years ago, this

DVD establishes new ground with cinematography that matches the best of them. Toss in the educational aspects and that rousing angling footage set against the most beautiful landscapes of New Zealands's South Island, and you've got a winner of a video.

Just in case this DVD inspires any angler to want his or her own "blue moon" experience, I've got a tip: friends on the North Island tell me that 2009 is a huge mast year in the beech forest, so the NZ Department of Conservation is expecting another rodent population explosion in the upcoming New Zealand summer. Time to count those air miles!

Add this DVD my short list of all-time favorites

At 36 minutes long, this DVD leaves me wanting more . . . but in a good way. This video gets a 5 star rating from me. Bring me more like it!

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