Bonefish -- A fishing Odyssey

Reviewed by Glenn Zinkus

The economy is in the dumpster and I should play it conservative this year. But I really need some winter escapism, and for now my fix comes from viewing Bonefish - A Fishing Odyssey.

Time and Tides

In this DVD, bonefish addict Charles Rangely-Wilson and Matthew Dyas travel the Bahamian Out Islands after their own holy grail: really big bonefish. The video places the viewer right next to these guys, living the life and taking the journey through the islands.

This is not one of those big budget productions (are they ever?), but rather two guys with a knack for storytelling and small pro video equipment making a film on the pursuit of bonefish.

It is a well-told tale, and captures the essence of life in the Out Islands of the Bahamas--from fishing with various guides, getting advice from friendly islanders, and hopping the mailboat to Andros complete with a Rastafarian bunkmate. Oh, and don't forget time on the flats.

Just imagine the routine: a traveling angler flies to the latest bonefish paradise, unpacks a duffel bag just long enough so that rods can be rigged; goes out to explore the island and the flats; spends some time talking with the locals and learning where the bonefish are at. And finally, settles into the only routine that matters--one based on time and tides.

My Bonefish Fix

Two words of warning: bonefishing is addictive and can cause fits of frustration. Like Charles says, "it will mess with your sanity." Bonefishing leaves you constantly yearning for more time to search the flats. This isn't hardcore fish porn. You won't see the grandiose cinematography that you might find in certain other films. But it is real, and whether you are a bonefish addict or an aspiring bonefisher just waiting to get bitten by the "bug," this DVD is for you.

The Bottom Line

Bonefish - A Fishing Odyssey scores a solid 4 out 5 for me. However, I must caution you all that this DVD is produced in the UK in PAL format and therefore may have compatibility issues with US (NTSC) DVD players. I had no problem on my DVD player, which must be a dual-region player. Viewing on your computer or laptop will likely not be a problem. I also watched this on my laptop with no problem.

Bonefish - A Fishing Odyssey is available directly from Charles at It is £14.95, which is approximately $22 at present exchange rates. Perhaps this will become more widely available in the US at fly shops in the future.

Glenn Zinkus is an avid angler from Oregon. When not engaged in piscatorial pursuits, he may be finding birds behind his Brittanies; or attending to business that often has him traveling. While traveling he lives vicariously through the Westfly contributors.