Home Pool

Reviewed by Monica Mullen

Bruce Ducker has authored eight novels and has been published in fly-fishing magazines and literary journals. Although he lives in Colorado, he has fished throughout the world and his travels have inspired his fiction.

Home Pool is a compilation of 16 short stories ranging from nostalgic to humorous. The stories include a tale of an artist who sees her fly-fishing parents through her own eyes seemingly for the first time, a lady who takes up fly fishing after her husband joins a private fishing club, a grumpy father, and free spirited son who take a "shortcut" on their way home from their day on the water, and many more.

Stories include:

  1. The Specter at Grizzly Hackle
  2. The Home Pool
  3. The View from Buffalo Mountain
  4. 13 Others

Home Pool will cause you to look at yourself, your family and your friends--and make you realize how blessed you are by your own home waters. It will create a sense of nostalgia for everyday situations in your own life.

Monica Mullen and her husband Moon live in Springfield, Oregon, where they can often be found fly fishing the Middle Fork of the Willamette River.