Reviewed by Glenn Zinkus

I admit that I was put into a receptive mood at the outset of Drift. I'm an Oregonian who considers the Deschutes his homewaters, so the opening sequence of John and Amy Hazel spey casting for steelhead on the Deschutes got my full attention. Following shots showed Oregon's Brian O'Keefe casting on the tropical flats of Belize; nice hand-stand Brian!

Where Do They Drift?

Drift is reflective, passionate, and filled with fly-fishing adventure. It gets the juices going and will give your the urge to explore new waters. It takes you from Oregon's high desert canyons to the flats of Turneffe Atoll off the coast of Belize; from Punta Gorda's permit to winter trouting in Green River's tailwaters; from the Frying Pan and the Big Horn to Bahamian flats. Throw in an adventure in the Kashmir region of India, and you've got a globe-trotting journey you'll want to experience yourself, if only vicariously.

These diverse stories focus not only on the fish and fishing, but also on the human dimension--the friendship, exploration, passion, and adventure. The footage and the story of Charlie Smith--septuagenarian bonefisher, namesake for the famous Crazy Charlie bonefish fly, owner of the Bang Bang club, and a banjo-playing musician--is one of my favorites. There is no disguising that he loves a life filled with fish and people.

The cinematography is outstanding. This comes as no surprise: Chris Patterson, the director and cinematographer, has extensive outdoor experience, including a 16-year stint as cinematographer/director for Warren Miller Films. The prose in Tom Bie's narration is as fluid as the waters they visit.

Go Drift

Drift will appeal to the serious flyfisher, the adventure angler, the well traveled, and even non-anglers. The music is well integrated with the style of the film and the narration. It flows with the movement of the water and the action.

I have so many good things to say about this DVD that I can forgive very first line of the narration: it places the headwaters of the Deschutes on the eastern flanks of Mount Hood rather than Little Lava Lake.

Because I am avid angler and traveler, I want to experience much of what I see here for myself. But, at least for this winter, Drift gives me a quick fix to hold me for the next few months.

Glenn Zinkus is an avid angler from Oregon. When not engaged in piscatorial pursuits, he may be finding birds behind his Brittanies; or attending to business that often has him traveling. While traveling he lives vicariously through the Westfly contributors.