A Passion for Steelhead

Reviewed by Glenn Zinkus

Do you have a passion for steelhead? If so, you'll love this book. Even if you're obsessed with trout, bass, or perch in the farm pond, you'll appreciate the beauty of this book.

A Passion for Steelhead masterfully packages professional guide Dec Hogan's body of knowledge--knowledge gained from more than 30 years of pursuing his passion for steelhead. And he shares this wealth of information as if the reader is his best fishing buddy.

I found something special on every page, whether it's the forward by Bill McMillan, the introduction, "A Migratory Wonder" by Thomas Pero, or the author's nine core chapters taking us from "First Casts" to "A Special River." Dec and contributor Peter Soverel thoughtfully conclude the book with a strong conservation message.

A Thorough Treatise of Everything "Steelhead"

A Passion for Steelhead covers flies, techniques, tactics, and reading and fishing specific water types. More than 75 drawings depict each technique. In addition to the drawings, this book is sumptuously illustrated with beautiful photos--landscapes of our beloved western waters that place the reader in steelhead country, perfectly executed flies, and that silvery fish that is Dec's obsession. The combination of prose and graphics set this book apart from all other steelhead tomes.

The chapter "Flies that Catch Steelhead" is beautiful, and ranks as this reviewer's favorite. I am always drawn to the fly, particularly Spey- and Dee-style steelhead flies. Dec writes, "Flies are the very symbol of our sport. I can comfortably say, without reservation, that steelhead and Atlantic salmon flies are the most beautiful, elegant flies in all angling." He proves his point with the selection of more than two dozen fly photos and patterns.

Light Your Passion

Like all books from Wind River Press, A Passion for Steelhead is exceptionally well produced. This book will ignite your passion for steelhead, or fan flames that are already burning fervently.

Glenn Zinkus is an avid angler from Oregon. When not engaged in piscatorial pursuits, he may be finding birds behind his Brittanies; or attending to business that often has him traveling. While traveling he lives vicariously through the Westfly contributors.