The Rise

Reviewed by Moon Mullen

During a good rise, I have often caught myself giggling like a 12 year old girl in church--and not caring.

To me it is a bit of a miracle that those rising trout know exactly what to do even if I don't. What are hell are those trout thinking?

Even after centuries of observation, anglers are still trying to solve the mysteries of that magical instant when a trout takes a fly. Based on recent scientific research into trout feeding behavior--and with the help of some truly extraordinary photos--The Rise reveals the subtleties of trout feeding behavior, analyzes the rise-forms that puzzle us, and offers startling and reassuring insights into those all-to-frequent rejections.

Schullery challenges modern "common knowledge;" reconsiders neglected flies, ideas, and tactics; and faces some of fly fishing's toughest questions with wit, understanding, and the happy conviction that the questions are just as important as the answers.

He includes a photographic sequence that shows in detail how trout take a fly. He also explains how we (anglers) take the fly. A thorough examination of flies includes the importance of wings and what they are made of, hooks, soft-hackled flies, and skipping, dapping, and dry-fly techniques.

Who should buy this book?

The Rise will light a path for those who stumble in darkness when it comes to casting a dry fly. It will lend a hand to those who have cast their fly on familiar waters and done well, and it will refine the understanding of the most seasoned angler. Whether you're a well-seasoned veteran or as green as goat cheese on a warm day, this is a must-have book.

If I have any misgivings about this book, I guess it would be that I've gained a better understanding of the rise, which maybe takes away some of the magic. Nawwwwwww--it'll always be a miracle!

Moon Mullen and his wife Monica live in Springfield, Oregon, where they can often be found fly fishing the Middle Fork of the Willamette River.