Clouser's Flies

Reviewed by David Golobay

When you hear the name "Clouser," visions of Krystalflash, lead eyes, epoxy, and the famous Clouser Minnow come to mind. However, Clouser's Flies reveals much more than that single fly. This book unveils a whole arsenal of patterns that target many fish species.

The Basics

Clouser's Flies begins like any other fly tying book. There's a short overview of fly-tying basics, but only as they relate to Bob Clouser's flies. The second chapter shows how to use thread as a tool when sculpting and creating flies.

The Meat: 17 Patterns

The next three chapters focus on pattern variations: baitfish, subsurface freshwater foods, and surface flies. Chapters have a subchapter for each fly pattern.

A wealth of information waits to be uncovered in each chapter. You'll find step-by-step directions as well as instructions on how to fish the fly. Clouser describes how he fishes each fly and what species he is targeting with that pattern. The history and reasons for the fly designs are also laid out, which at times helps readers understand why certain materials are used.

Quality Product

The step-by-step photographs are clear and concise. The photographer, Jay Nichols, supplies top views in addition to side views throughout the tying process. This is an excellent fly tying book for specialized flies that generally cannot be found in a local fly shop.

A "regular" on the Westfly Bulletin Board, David Golobay lives in Portland, Oregon, with his wife and young son. He frequently fishes the Deschutes and Crooked rivers.