BugBagz Entomology Kit

Reviewed by David Golobay

Have you ever been on a stream and watched trout rise while you threw everything in your fly box at them--to no avail. Ever wondered what those fish were so voraciously feeding on?

BugBagz website states "Take your clues from Nature and use BugBagz kits to find out what's active in your river right then, right there." Does this kit live up to its promise, and do its tools assist you in identifying insects?

The Short and Long Answers

BugBagz kits come complete with a handy zipper case, four glass vials, kick net, forceps for handling specimens, a small magnifying glass for streamside inspection, and waterproof log sheets. The entire kit easily fits in a fishing vest pocket. The overall quality of the kit is good and suited to its target market.

Purchase and Support

The BugBagz kit costs $29.95, which is a reasonable price. It can be purchased online at http://www.tyt-lnz.com . The BugBagz website has useful information on entomology and links to other sites; you can also buy refills for adding to your collection.

There is a whole insect world out there that is waiting to be explored, and this kit is suited to the purpose and well worth considering.