Jeff's Fab Five Midge Pupa Patterns

By Jeff Morgan

In my last article, I discussed four important factors that tiers must consider when imitating midge pupae: shape, thickness, flash, and color. Now I want to open my fly box and show you my five most reliable patterns.

While I fish about twenty different patterns for midges, these five are what I most often tie my tippet to. Of course, I carry these in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and styles so I can cope with the cornucopia of "midging" conditions.

Detailed directions for each fly are on separate pages. Click the links below.

Banded Midge

Phantom Midge

Rainy Day Midge

Maggies Midge

Queen Jane

Jeff Morgan has written many articles for Westfly, mostly on entomology and fly tying. He is the author of An Angler's Guide to the Oregon Cascades and Small Stream Fly Fishing.