Fall River

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Hatches are matched from Westfly's database of "standard" fly patterns.


Size 12-18 Soft Hackle, , Deep Sparkle Pupa. Body: tan, green; Shroud: tan

Riffles, runs, just below riffles: surface swing, shallow nymph


Size 12-18 Goddard Caddis, X Caddis, Parachute Caddis, Elk Hair Caddis. Body: brown, green, dark gray; Wing: tan, brown


Size 12-18 Diving Caddis, Soft Hackle. Body: brown; Wing: black

Riffles, current seams, backeddies below riffles: surface swing, shallow nymph, rising nymph

► A good strategy is to attach a small nymph, such as a size-18 Pheasant Tail, on a dropper leader attached to the hook bend of a caddis dry fly.

► Cream-bodied or olive X Caddis in size 14 or 16 should be in your fly box.


Size 10-22 Chans Chironomid Pupa, Zebra Midge. Black, gray, olive, red, creams, browns


Size 10-22 Griffiths Gnat, Sprout Midge. Black, gray, olive, red, creams, browns

► Evening hatches are common.


► A size 16-18 Parachute Adams or Purple Haze is always a good fly on this river.

► If you find the fish unreceptive in the stretch between the springs and the hatchery, try a 6X or 7X tippet and a downstream presentation.

► Because it's fed by cool springs, Fall River is a good option during hot weather. It will be crowded in some areas, especially near the hatchery. Mornings and evenings will be the best fishing times.
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