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  • 3 weeks out

    What is on your Christmas list?
    Peace on Earth would be nice.....
    Got any good ideas for your spouse (help needed- it would be nice if she fished, I have an extra float tube)?
    so far, got her some comfort stuff....
    Actually, any good gift idea could be of value- I picked up a solar lantern with a USB port for emergency charging a phone- not something my wife would ask for.
    Family coming to town?
    We get both kids for about 8 hours- if we make the midnight trip to the airport... timk

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    dragginfly - Ha! That rechargeable solar lantern with phone charger, I just yesterday got it for my wife. We saw it on SharkTank and she wanted it. I got the SharkTank "Bundle" of 3. No joke. It is called LuminAID.
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