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  • Deschutes Steelhead Report

    I made another trip to the Deschutes last Friday, in the Maupin area; sorry for not posting on the weekend, but I've been doing other Westfly stuff.

    The river has dropped nicely into shape after the previous week's heavy rain muddied the waters and raised the level. Weather was good Friday, and should be decent this week although brisk and maybe a bit of wind.

    Water temps are headed down, so it's sink-tip season. People are sparse mid-week, so good runs aren't hard to find. Unfortunately the steelhead are still very hard to locate. I'd like to do a Warm Springs to Trout Creek float this month, but time is running out before the holidays and I'm not sure that's going to happen for me.
    aka Scott Richmond

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    Was out there Friday to Sunday morning and didn't get a single tap on all my favorite runs with the spey. Trout fishing ended up being slow too. They actually bumped the flows a bit Friday evening into Saturday so that may be have been it. Water is noticeably colder than two weeks ago when I was there. Still a great trip. Love winter camping. 9 hours of fire time with a buddy and 20 hours of sleep in between fishing.