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  • Deschutes report

    Was fishing the Deschutes by lunchtime Friday. Caught several, nice, nothing big, but steady fun. Used Jimmy legs and San Juan Worm. Tried the steelhead spinning rod with spinner, no steel.

    Saturday morning was a treat. Few solid trout on the fly rod, then bam, a hatchery steelhead chomped on my San Juan Worm. Had my 4 wt, 4 lb. leader and System 1 clicker. She made a few long runs, but I just let her go, gained back line later. Knots and everything held, Jackpot!

    Best weather was Sunday, but worst fishing. Was tough to scratch out a few last trout, left early afternoon.

    Dang that San Juan works. Is it the dark side? The non-fly, fly. Basically a stupid piece of red yarn. I tried some new Pearl Core Braid worms, looks like the regular San Juan Worm that went to Vegas. But trouts teeth can make it come apart. And you have to singe the ends just right or easily come apart. They seemed ok, but regular original San Juan Worm works great.

    Note: That roadside island just down from the locked gate - the water at and just below the island - always looks better than it is. Sometimes catch a dink there, but that's it, never a substantial trout or steelhead. You guys do much good there?

    Now wait until next spring to get out there, will miss it. Here are few pics.

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    I love that little NM connection! It looks like it was the number Juan fly! Congratulations!


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      Good work landing steel on a 4 weight and thin leader. That can be exciting!

      - JR


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        Nice trip!

        Since water quality has been degraded by PGE, worms seem to be a good bet.


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          Nice. Been out there a lot the past two months. That canyon always does the trick. I got a hatchery buck a few weeks ago that fought decent and then hooked another this past weekend in the exact same spot that just planed in with a few head shakes. I lost that one when I was landing it because I pulled the ultimate jinx by thinking about who I'd invite over for dinner before I had it bonked on the bank.