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End of the road trout fishing

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  • End of the road trout fishing

    Did a long day trip from Bend to a special little river a couple of hours away. I had fished this river several years ago after run off and experienced such good fishing that I haven't gone back. I didn't want to taint the experience with less good fishing and there's also the rattler that almost bit me last time. Sometimes you have to roll the dice...

    I hiked in a few miles and hit the water around 10. The first couple of runs I found no fish. I knew this would happen. There is no way the fishing could be as good as last time. I decided to resolutely fish on and work for my fish as I was accustomed. But then, as soon as I gave up, the fishing started improving. The first fish glided out from behind a willow rootball and gracefully took my dropper that was swinging towards shore. It wasn't a huge fish but a respectable size and fought well. Then there where some near misses in a small run above that pool. I decided to switch flies, try a little pocket above, and then head back down to try the near miss again. Third cast into a pocket next to the bank a fish exploded on my fly. It was a nice fish and after a few minutes of excitement I had it netted and released. The rest of the day was more of the same. The continued with many near misses, violent explosions of fish next to the bank, and lots of fish to the net. Though I didn't have to switch to 3x tippet like last time I probably found more fish and many fish of respectable size. I didn't relive my previous day but I certainly had a day with many perfect moments etched into memory. Maybe I'll try for one more time before winter really sets in...

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    Those are the days that make it all worth it... nice work man!



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      Nothing like a little exploration and adventure! Thanks for sharing.
      aka Scott Richmond


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        That is a fun river!!