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Deschutes Salmonfly Rondi 5/20-21

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  • Deschutes Salmonfly Rondi 5/20-21

    Time to start a thread, planning for the Deschutes salmonfly Rondi next month. Weekend of 5/20-21, at Harpham Flats Campground, which should give us plenty of room to spread out.

    Usual deal: everybody's welcome! Regular posters, lurkers, new members, and even you old guard holding down the Arts and Crafts thread .

    Who's in? Let's get a roll call going, and as we get closer, we can start planning the Saturday night potluck.
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    You tying up some go to patterns? You throwing a couple in for me? I'm in!


    • PhilR
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      You fish rivers, too? I'll tie up a few for you.

    • Crawbugger
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      You'll just have to witness for yourself. I've been working on a new game.

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    My only life activities are farming and attending rondis. That said, I' guess I have to be there?

    May not make it down till Sat, but I'll be there.


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      Im trying to make it down Sunday for the day, sorry guys.


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        hmmmm...thus far my calendar looks relatively clear for Sat/Sun. damn, I need to make it to one of these....hell, I've fished with many of you, may as well drink with ya as well...oh wait.