Poxyback Green Drake Nymph

Created by Mike Mercer


When a nymph is mature and the dun is moments from emerging, the wingcase often englarges and develops a shine. The epoxy on this fly imitates that feature. This pattern imitates the nymph form of the green drake mayfly. Similar ties can be developed for other mayfly species.


Vary the hook size to match different green drake species.

How to Fish

Dead drift the fly near the bottom during the green drake hatch season. The best time to use it is beginning about two hours before the hatch. Use the trout indicator or tight line presentations.

HOOK: 200R, sizes 10-12


TAIL: Three grouse or hen saddle fibers

BACK: Dark golden brown turkey

GILLS: One or two olive filoplumes

RIB: Copper wire

ABDOMEN: Dark brown-olive Antron

WINGCASE: Dark turkey. When fly is completed, put one drop of 5-minute expoxy on top of the wingcase and let it dry while the fly is upright.

LEGS: Grouse tied flat over thorax

THORAX: Same as abdomen. Pick out dubbing so it's fuzzy.

HEAD: Same as abdomen