A traditional and effective fly, the Muddler imitates baitfish that trout eat, especially sculpins. It is suitable for both rivers and lakes.


The Steelhead Muddler is a beefed-up version suitable for steelhead fishing.

How to Fish

Muddlers can produce fish when presented shallow or deep, on a sink-tip line or a floater, on a wet-fly swing or when retrieved. Just don't treat it like a dry fly (although even then, a trout might take it for a grasshopper). Presentations: count-down-and-retrieve, slow retrieve, wind drift, wet-fly swing, deep swing.



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HOOK: 3X long, 2X heavy, turned-down eye; e.g., TMC 5263 or equivalent. Sizes 2-12


TAIL: Turkey quill

BODY: Flat gold tinsel or gold Diamond Braid

UNDERWING: Gray squirell tail

WING: Turkey quill

HEAD AND COLLAR: Deer hair, spun and clipped on head