Micro Mayfly

Created by Mike Mercer


This general purpose nymph is especially useful for imitating small mayflies in rivers, such as blue-winged olives and pale morning duns. Use brown size 16-18 flies for these species.

Treat the wingcase with epoxy, such as Devcon 5 Minute Epoxy. When mayfly nymphs are ready to hatch, their backs get shiny, and this is an important trigger for trout looking for a meal.


Other color choices include black, bright yellow, and ruby red.The fly can also be tied with a body of copper wire. These colors are more suggestive than imitative.

A glass bead can be used instead of a metal bead for the head.

How to Fish

Use trout indicator or tight line presentation to dead-drift fly near the bottom; or use as a dropper from a large dry fly.



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HOOK: 2X heavy, standard Length, turned-down eye. E.g., TMC 3769 or equivalent. Size 14-18

THREAD: 8/0, color to match body

HEAD: Small copper bead

TAIL: Three pheasant tail fibers, dyed yellow for olive fly, brown for copper fly

RIB: Fine silver wire

BODY: Stripped peacock herl

WINGCASE "STRIPE": Strand of pearl Flashabou

WINGCASE: Dark golden brown turkey tail

THORAX: Dubbing of your preference (Haretron, etc.). Olive, brown, peacock are good color choices

LEGS: Pheasant tail fibers