Created by Mike Mercer


General purpose nymph, especially for imitating small mayflies in rivers. The Micro Mayfly has proven to be one of the best new nymphs of recent years.


Vary the thorax color to match prevalent natural nymphs prevalent in the stream.

Can be tied with a body of copper wire.

How to Fish

Use trout indicator or tight line presentation to dead-drift fly near the bottom; or use as a dropper from a large dry fly.

Tying Instructions

Treat the wingcase with epoxy, such as Devcon 5 Minute Epoxy. When mayfly nymphs are ready to hatch, their backs get shiny, and this is an important trigger for trout looking for a meal.

HOOK: 2X Heavy, Standard Length, Turned-down eye. E.g., TMC 3769 or equivalent. Size 14-18

THREAD: 8/0, color to match body

HEAD: Small copper bead

TAIL: Three pheasant tail fibers, dyed yellow for olive fly, brown for copper fly

RIB: Fine silver wire

BODY: Stripped peacock herl

WINGCASE "STRIPE": Strand of pearl Flashabou

WINGCASE: Dark golden brown turkey tail

THORAX: Dubbing of your preference (Haretron, etc.). Olive, brown, peacock are good color choices

LEGS: Pheasant tail fibers