Lake Dragon


Imitates nymphs of dragonflies. Dragonfly nymphs live up to three years before hatching into adults. Trout don't get to eat them very often, but they make a big, juicy meal when they are encountered, so the sight of a cruising dragonfly nymph can catch a trout's interest.

Dragonfly nymphs come in two main varieties: climbers and sprawlers. This pattern imitates the former.


Olive, olive-brown, and brown are the usual shades of the natural insect.

How to Fish

Use a count-down-and-retrieve presentation. Move the fly in short strips with a pause between each strip.



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HOOK: TMC 5263, sizes 6-10; weighted, with lead flattened in rear half

THREAD: To match abdomen

EYES: Burned monofilament

TAIL: Marabou to match abdomen

RIB: Copper wire

ABDOMEN: Olive deer hair, spun and clipped close

LEGS: Olive filoplume to match abdomen

WINGCASE: Turkey; use a Pantone pen to color

HEAD: Olive Haretron to match abdomen