Carey Special


This traditional northwest stillwater pattern imitates . . . well, who knows? Maybe a dragonfly nymph. Or . . . whatever. It catches fish in lakes--sometimes when nothing else will work.

Sometime ago I talked with writers Dave Hughes and Rick Hafele about stillwater caddis, and they think that trout often take the Carey Special for one of the large lake-dwelling caddis larvae.


Brown is another good body color.

How to Fish

Use the count-down-and-retrieve or slow retrieve presentations.

HOOK: 3X long, 2X heavy, turned-down eye; e.g., TMC 5263 or equivalent. Sizes 4-10


TAIL: Pheasant tail

RIB: Copper wire

BODY: Olive chenile or peacock herl

HACKLE: Pheasant tail