Fish Taco

Created by Jeff Hickman


This popular pattern is useful anytime you are using a sink tip line--summer or winter.


Good color winter steelhead colors are orange, black, pink, chartreuse, and purple; mix and match them on the fly as your whim takes you.

How to Fish

Present with a traditional wet-fly swing.



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HOOK WIRE: "Intruder" wire for stinger hook


REAR COLLAR: Chartreuse Ice Dub

RIB: Oval silver tinsel. Wrap over hackle after it is tied off

HACKLE: Black saddle hackle. Palmer after body is dubbed

BODY: UV Purple Ice Dub

HACKLE: Purple ostrich. Add a few strands of Krystal Flash or Flashabou

TOP HACKLE: Black guinea fowl

HEAD: Black thread, whip finish and cement